App Store Optimization (ASO)

Promoting your app just got easy.

  • More downloads from real users: scaleable pay-per-download solutions to get a flood of users to install your app on their iOS and Android device.
  • ​More ratings and reviews: require these users to leave reviews so you can boost conversion rates. 
  • Full service setup: book a quick call and we'll get you started, hassle free

The fastest way to boost app downloads

Daily downloads and your app ratings are the most important factors in getting your app ranked in search results. We help you get both.

  • Real Users:  Work with US-based users who are eager to try new apps and services.
  • Real Feedback: users are offered rebates to try your app. In order to earn cash back they must share their genuine experience, so everyone can see the reviews are legit.
  • Secure traffic: To protect your brand and reputation, we use bank-level identity verification to ensure everyone trying your app is exactly who they say they are. This weeds out scammers and exploitative practices.
  • Guaranteed: You only pay for the results you get.

Ditch the shady review services: get reviews from real users

Let's stop pretending anyone gets convinced by those "word salad" reviews from bots  — or by some review farm where a guy is just copy-pasting the same generic review, on apps he's not even trying.

People are more accustomed to spotting fake reviews, and they're more inclined to think negatively about apps and brands that buy fake reviews. 

When you work with us, we direct traffic from an audience of everyday US users, so you can build trust with new audiences.

Turn your users into brand ambassadors

Along with downloads and reviews, you can now have customers promote your app in order to earn a discount

  • Custom Surveys:  Have them try your app and answer your questions about it, then require them to leave a review afterward.
  • Social Posts: have your users share and promote your app on their social accounts
  • Photo or Video Testimonial: Have customers review your app in a video, so you can earn trust with potential new customers

Why work with us?

Reviews and other endorsement from users will generate social proof, which builds trust in your brand and increases downloads.

  • Improve your Conversion Rates:  If you are reading this now, you may already know that 9 out of 10 consumers read reviews before making a purchase. People rarely download an app without reviews.
  • ASO/SEO — get more traffic: reviews tell search engines and platforms (from Google search to Google Play Store and iOS App Store) how high they should rank you in search results. Highly reviewed apps get much more visibility.
  • Easy and automated results: our team will get you set up on our platform, so you don't need to learn any new tools to get the results you need.

Add your info, book a call, and we'll start driving more downloads, and boost your ratings if you need them.

Easy as that.

Common Questions

Where do you get your users?
We have operated popular consumer-facing sites since 2015.  We also make substantial investments advertising on social media and other advertising channels to make sure we have a solid userbase of consumers ready to try your new products and apps.
How much does the service cost?
Pricing will vary depending on your goals, such as download count, review count, and review type. If you need a review for a less popular platform, it can be harder to find customers and the review may be more expensive. 
How does the guarantee work?
If you pay for a download or a review and somehow don't get it, we'll reimburse the cost of it.
How long will it take to get results?
Results vary depending on the platform you choose and the budget you're allocating. We incentivize our shoppers with discounts and cash back, so if you follow our guidance you will start seeing downloads and reviews in a matter of days, depending on the type of app.
Is there a contract?
It depends on the level of service you need. We have self-service options that do not require a contract, but we also offer full-service solutions that require a contract. If you're interested in "done-for-you" services, send us an email at and ask about "Full Service Reviews."
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